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Raleigh Facial Pain Center: TMJ, Jaw Pain & Facial Pain Treatment in Raleigh, NC

With more than 20 years of experience treating and healing patients of all ages, the team at the Raleigh Facial Pain Center uses our extensive knowledge and experience with orofacial pain to seek and find the root cause of chronic jaw, facial, headache, and TMJ pain.

Located on Lake Boone Trail near Rex Hospital, we have experience treating facial and jaw pain in North Carolina-area patients caused by a wide variety of muscular, neurological and other pathological problems.

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Have a facial pain that just won’t go away or that frequently comes and goes? An earache without an infection, a toothache without an obvious cause, a frequent or daily headache or ongoing TMJ pain? Do you feel like your chronic pain is in control of your life? The Raleigh Facial Pain Center can help you.

Keith A Yount, DDS, ABOP, is one of a handful of board certified and residency trained orofacial pain field, and uses an integrated, chewing system orthopedics approach to end suffering caused by:

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You don’t have to live with tension headaches, jaw or tooth pain, a restricted jaw opening or a burning mouth. Contact the Raleigh Facial Pain Center in Raleigh, NC today to set up an appointment if you are interested in becoming pain free. We serve Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Apex, and beyond, including Wake Forest, Greenville, Pinehurst, New Bern, Greensboro and even South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.